Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here a Chick There a Chick Everywhere a Chick Chick

The Silkies have hatched one chick so far. I decided to separate momma & baby since it didn't work out last time. The mean nasty broody Silkie is sitting on the rest of the eggs. Mostly because I knew I would be able to move the "nicer" one.

The peeping of a baby must have triggered something in one of the older chickens because she too decided she wanted to sit on eggs.  Hailey was on chicken duty and was worried when she wouldn't come in to roost. She was even shaking the can of treats. She was smart enough to let her be. A broody hen can be nasty.  (I train my Mini Me Chicken Keepers well) 

A new chicken joined the flock last week. Her name is Reba. She is super sweet & loves people.  She wasn't being a nice girl to her previous flock mates so a friend asked if I would take her.  At this point what's one more chicken :)  

She spends the night with the "Original" Chickens. When the others go out to their big run she follows me around while I feed & water everyone else. she spends the day in the smaller run because the others gang up on her.  I thought about letting her free range but my neighbor reminded me about the cute fox that sits in their yard watching the chickens through our fence.  And yes a fox can climb my 6 foot fence in a blink of an eye.

It is so cute when Mama talks to her chick.
Reba "Helping" me fill feeders

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