Saturday, May 12, 2012

Supervised free range

I purchased some scratch grains for the chickies, they seemed to enjoy them. I also let them check out the yard a bit, they were very interested in the deck. My freshly cleaned deck.... What do chickens do? Eat and POOP! lots of poop. Had to hose of the deck. That's OK they had fun.

heading back to their coop after checking out the yard
"Did you Say BBQ Chicken??"
Chicken Scratch
"make sure you poop on the clean deck before you leave"
enjoying the chicken scratch
Must have more


  1. Oh my - they just keep getting cuter! So what do you do with all that chicken poop? Have you started a compost pile yet? I hear after it's been composted it's excellent for gardens!

  2. No I haven't started one, I'm not into gardening that much. I just don't have the time. I just have a few pots with some veggies that the chickens think are for them, they're not. Hopefully the veggies survive