Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Cucumber Experiment part 2... Pickles and More!

The cucumbers planted in the ground have made a mockery of the cucumbers in a container.  In all fairness the chickens have really fertilized that area.
The carrots, cantaloupe and herbs are doing well in this area too.

Since I have cucumbers coming out of my ears I decided to make pickles.  My dill I planted in a container is not well so I made Bread & Butter pickles.  I thought the recipe I was using was for "Refrigerator" pickles. I looked at so many different recipes. Well it wasn't. I'm going to let them set for a day before I try them. I hope they're good!

I also planted some radish seeds today, so in about 5 weeks I'll have radishes.

I didn't plant any beans this year but Mom did. She gave me a bunch of them. I blanched most them and froze 'em. The rest we'll have with dinner tonight.

Crazy Cucumber Plant
Tri colored beans. The purple ones turned bright green when cooked
Started radishes today

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