Monday, April 16, 2012

Burrr it's cold outside

The chickens we purchased are winter hardy birds, meaning once they are fully feathered the can be in temperatures as low as 32 degrees.(As long as they are dry and it's not drafty) Well it's supposed to get down to 36° tonight, that's cutting it kind of close
I've learned that chickens are creatures of habit,  I forgot to give them their dandelions today,  boy did they let me know. Once they are big enough (so they can't escape through the fence) I'll bring them out for supervised free ranging.  I feel they need to be supervised because of the hawks, and once they fatten up and can't fly as well I should be able to catch them if they make a run for it.
I had to work late tonight and someone made sure they were all locked up for me.  Thanks for taking care of the girls for me

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