Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jack and Cocoa
Jack loves to cuddle with the new chicks, I think his favorite is Cookie, that is the one he named. 

Last night Hailey and her friend had 2 of the new chicks out and were cuddling with them.  Well the one that was left behind was not happy.  So we can take all three out or just one.  I think it is mostly Stella, I think she will be the leader and was worried when the rest of her flock was gone....Oh No, I hope she's not a Rooster

I did my best with the pictures, chicks don't hold still for very long.

Had a chipmunk get into the coop and eat up some of the feed the other night, so now I bring the food in at night, no way am I feeding the chipmunks.  As soon as I get back to Menards I'll get one of those metal trash cans and use a bungee cord to keep it closed, that should keep the food safe.

I bought some cups that attach to the inside of the run and put some grapes in them for the chickens, they went nuts for them.  They are such quick learners, as soon as I come out they wait and keep checking the cups to see what kind of goodies I have for them, so cute.  I also bought one of those suet holders and put some apples in it, so fun to watch them "Box" with it.  At first they were not to good at getting the apples out, but now they are pros. 

I almost forgot....crickets  I bought crickets from the pet store for them, they gobbled them up right away!

Time to go play with my chickens...

It looks so cute on the coop.  I still need to paint the trim :)

New treats!

Cookie 4 Days old

Hiding from the camera, but you get a good look at their wing feathers

Stella 1 week 5 days, Cocoa (left) 4 days


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  1. good idea with the apples and suet feeder. I'll have to try it.