Sunday, April 22, 2012

No new chicks

Blue Araucana hen

Buff Araucana hen
Bummer, no new chicks yet. I was beginning to think the feed store I ordered them from was giving me the run around.  I thought they were coming in the 1st week of April,  I called and I thought they said the 2nd week of April. I call again and they said they are coming the 3rd week of April, grrr :/  so I call again and they said they just hatched, they will be ready tomorrow.  Well tomorrow was Friday and no phone call from them to say I could pick them up. So I go in on Saturday, they got their chicks in, just not the ones I ordered..... it was a bad hatch for the Araucanas (thought I ordered Ameraucanas but I did order Araucanas)  The tufted ear gene, is a mutation and has a high mortality rate among the clutch if both parents are passing on the gene.  Really this is way too much information for me, I just want some blue eggs.  I should have just got the "Easter Egger Mutts"  But it will be really cool to have a rare breed of chicken.  So I am waiting again, the chicks are supposed to arrive this Thursday hopefully all goes well.  They did give me the option to pick out some other chicks and they had some Plymouth Rock chicks that are very cute too but I decided to wait, there is just something about those ear tufts :)
Plymouth Rock Hen

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  1. I would have named the Plymouth Rock Hen a Zebra Hen