Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free Range Chickens....Sort of

I would love to let my chickens free range but there are a few things stopping me 
  • I'm not sure how my neighbors would take it if they seen chickens running around my yard
  • It's not fair to Max (my wonderful dog, funny chicken/dog story later)
  • They might be able to get out through some spots of the fence...again not sure about the neighbors
  • Hawks and LOTS of them
So I bought some plastic poultry fencing and some 5 foot steaks and made them a play pen where they can free range on my terms.  I will run some fishing line across the top to keep the hawks out.  I think I need to make it a little bigger but this will do for now.
My flower beds are covered in wild strawberries and the chickens really like them so it works out for both of us.  I'm not sure if they will eat up the Day Lillies

Chicken Play-Pen
I was introducing Max (the dog) to Daisy (the chicken)  Max is very trusting of me and would do just about any thing for me.  I was holding Daisy, kneeling down telling Max it was "ok" and he was being such a good boy just sitting there when all of a sudden Daisy pecked his nose.  Poor Max went running and hid in my bedroom.  I guess Max is more trusting of me then Daisy

Some funny close up videos

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